Crocheted scarf

For my 4 year old daughter I hooked a matching scarf for her beautiful green jacket. The jacket comes from next direct and there is also a small glint in it.
I used the pattern of Saskia Laan from her book ‘Alles is haken’. In this book ther is a pattern for a harlequin scarf. I adjusted this pattern so that he is good in size for a 4 year old girl.
Would you make this scarf for a little girl? Then you must follow the following steps:
– Buy the book from Saskia Laan ‘Alles is haken’;
– Crochet needle 4,5;
– Two balls of wool suiting the size of needle 4,5;
– one ball  of wool with a sparkle in it’
– Two wooden beats;
– 1 darning needle
Description adjustment:
(USA Terms)
– make a chain of 21;
– Crochet one row with double crochet(dc);
– Start crocheting with the harlequin pattern exactly in the middle: that is in the 11e double crochet (dc) you start making the diamond.
– Between each diamond you crochet a tour with double crochet(dc)
– make six harlequin pattern’s;
– finish with the hooks of one row double crochet (dc);
– hook around with one chain and one single crochet (sc);
– change color and use ‘sparkle wool’
– hook around with ‘Sparkle wool’: one chain above the single crochet (sc) from the previous row and one single crochet (sc)in the chain from the previous row.
– tie-off
– on the four corners you attach a wooden bead, pull they through a fringe.
– with the needle, you work the wires away.
And your scarf is ready!! Do you like the scarf? Now I would like to make a hat. Maybe I’m going to knit this. To try something else!

With love,




  1. Waaw, da's een mooie sjaal! Die zou ik zelf ook willen dragen! Heel leuk met dat motiefje en dat randje, de franjes…
    Ga ik onthouden!
    Fijne dag,

  2. Erg mooi geworden Marijke, en wat past ie leuk bij haar jasje! Het zal haar vast super leuk staan!

    Lieve groetjes,

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